Getting Ready!

Hi everyone
Sorry I have not been posting any blogs lately, I have been really busy finishing off my term, moving everything out of Waterloo and getting ready to leave the country. But I will from now on be trying to write blogs more often to keep everyone up to date. 

For the latest news… Only 4 days until I leave for the biggest adventure of my life!!!!!

Now to recap what has been going on:
– I spent a week with my dad hanging out and see my family in Ottawa.  We went to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, went to a craft brewery festival, had my friend Giulia come visit and say goodbye, had dinner with my cousins, grandma and aunt in Ottawa, and even got into my first minor fender bender.



– next I got dropped off at my moms where my best friend Harika came up to visit.  We went out to the only night club in Belleville, took a day tour around the county with my mom and had a BBQ with my whole family who came down to celebrate my journey to Nepal.




– finally, I was surprised with a day trip into Toronto to see the airshow and now I am packing my bags and making sure everything is ready for my departure!


Now that everyone is caught up, next time I will be posting will probably be in Nepal! I hope to take many pictures to post throughout the 8months and write all about my adventures.

Until next time!

Saying Goodbye – Some thoughts

The time is coming when I am going to have to say goodbye and the closer it gets, the scarier it seems.

I have never been a fan of change to be totally honest but when I started in this program 3 years ago I couldn’t wait until the time came for me to leave Canada. Now the closer its getting, the more worried I am getting. Simple things like calling home (almost every day – sorry mom), walking around town at night without any worries, going drinking at night with friends and always having someone to call and hang out with when I’m bored are just some of the things that will no longer be possible anymore. Just a couple weeks ago I was at home and I had to chance to speak to a former INDEVOUR about her experience in Nepal and she said even things like what you want to wear you will start to have to second guess. Nothing is going to be the same.

I know I have written a couple blogs of things I’m looking forward to (AND I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THEM, AMONG OTHERS), but it is still hard to sometimes convince myself that this is going to be a great experience. Of course I am not being irrational and I know there will be highs and lows, and I know this is part of the experience, but I fear sometimes that there may be a lot of lows.

Just today I was talking to a couple of friends about a going away party and for once it was not me hosting it for someone else. I can’t believe I will be saying goodbye to my family, my best friends (What will I do without HARIKA and GIULIA to keep me sane) and to everyone else who is a part of my life.

On a happier note, I know that by doing this I will not only be gaining the work experience that will help me for after school, but that I will also be gaining the life experience that I THINK I need to grow up!

SOOO I decided to write a list of outcomes to encourage myself through this experience and here it is:
1. Accept the good AND the bad moments and learn from both
2. Meet as many new people as I can
3. emerge myself into the culture, language, etc… as much as possible
4. Appreciate !!
5. Let myself miss home
6. Try as many new things as possible
7. FINALLY = Come back home without any regrets and with lots of stories and pictures!!

YES it sucks that I’m leaving, and YES I am freaking out the closer its getting (all the paper work is not helping) but YES I know this will be one of the best moments in my life!

FINALLY… I have to keep reminding myself that I am not saying goodbye forever and that all the wonderful people I have in my life will still be around when I get back and we will all have amazing stories to tell each other of our 8months apart!

The Interview – North Korea not so happy about this movie

Seth Rogen and James Franco are starring in a new movie called The Interview.  It is about a TV host and his producer who get an interview with Kim Jong-Un but are secretly heading to North Korea to assassinate him.  Although it is suppose to be a comedy as is most of Seth Rogen’s work, North Korea does not seem to see it that way.  North Korea has actually gone to the United Nations to complain about this film saying that it is an act of terrorism on the part of the United States if it is allowed to be produced and is also seen as an act of war.  Seth Rogen on the other hand has taken these threats in a light hearted sense and does not see the potential for a real live threat.  (Click on image to be linked to CBC segment on the issue)

The Interview Seth Rogen James Franco


I believe that although this is only meant to be a comedy and that I truly believe no one wanted to cause any fuss in the production of this motion picture, it may not be the most appropriate of story lines.  Whether or not Seth Rogen or anyone else involved wants the leader of North Korea assassinated, poking fun at a country and government that is already not on your best side is like poking a sleeping bear.  I do not think that North Korea will truly harm anyone or attack the United States for producing it, however I also think that it is not making a step in the right direction.  Instead of making movies mocking and assassinating Kim Jung-Un or any other leader of a foreign nation for that matter, we should be thinking about creating some sort of peace among countries.


Whether or not this movie will be good is hard to tell, and yes I will probably be watching it out of curiosity!  I do however still stand by the fact that there is no point creating a bigger enemy just for the entertainment of others and that maybe they should focus their attention on another story line for the time being!!!


What do you think about this concept ?! Do you think that it will be a big hit in the box office?! Is it a good idea to make a comedy on this subject?!


Fifa 2014


Like anyone else I love my soccer and the world cup was something I was super excited for. I have not missed a single game and I can name you off almost all the statistics of what is going on as we speak. However when I read this article in the huffington Post I was reminded that there are always 2 sides to every story and that although myself and the rest of the world are getting the entertainment we seek it is at the cost of others livelihood, just like most things in life seem to be.

More things to look forward to!!!

Continuing on with the theme of my last post I figured I would mention the next big thing I am looking forward to while on placement:


I love hiking, I have been a part of hiking clubs, I have done hikes all around southern ontario, I love being outdoors, I LOVE HIKING!

Given the fact that I am living at the original trail head for the Mount Everest hike and the fact that I will be situated in the middle of the Himalayas I figured I would have to explore and hike! I have been looking up Youtube videos that people have posted from hikes through this part of Nepal (Starting in the town I will be living in) and it looks amazing! There are so many streams, and trees and beautiful views from mountain tops.  I feel so privileged to be able to say that I will be living in such a beautiful place for 8months.


As much as I am worried about the seclusion, the more I think about it and look into it, the more I am not so worried about my upcoming adventure.

#1 that will be going into my suitcase: Hiking boots!!



Things to look forward to while on placement! – Buddha

I have started to think about all the things that I am looking forward to doing, seeing and experience while i’m away and I have started to make a list.  Although I know I will not be able to get through my whole list I think it is a great way for me to get myself excited and also to keep myself on track when I am away.  I have decided that it would be good to write a few post of some of the things I am most excited about doing/seeing/experiencing so I can share with everyone what I am hoping for and once I am there I can share what my thoughts are.  

The first thing I cannot wait to experience is the culture and religion, specifically Buddhism.  I have always loved Buddhism and am a strong advocate of the practices.  I have a buddha for every room in my house, each in a different pose depending on the room.  I practice meditation and yoga on a regular bases and I try and live a peaceful life.  Although this is only some of the basics to this practice, I hope to be able to learn more about Buddhism and Buddha while I’m there, which will include visiting the birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal and hopefully doing some yoga and meditation practices with some of the local people.


Although my placement is far away, I’m starting to get excited for what is to come!!!


I figured I would take some time to quickly write a blog about where I will be living and what work I will be doing while I am there.

For those who do not already know I will be leaving in September for a small village of 7000 people known as Jiri, located 6250 ft above sea level in the country of Nepal.  It is a small secluded village about 8hrs away from Kathmandu by bus on winding mountain roads.  The village is at the original trailhead for Mount Everest (about a 35km hike to the base camp).  It was developed by the Swiss Government Aid in 1938 as an agricultural development centre.


While I will be living in this beautiful village I will be working with the Jiri Technical School which was established in 1982 as a joint project between the Governments of Nepal and Switzerland.  It is a technical school that conducts training for Technical School Leaving Certificates in areas such as construction, health and agriculture.  In 2011, of the 2387 graduates of the school 70% were employed.  Some of the responsibilities that have been asked of me include updating brochures and promotional materials, database management, ensuring equal participation of men and women in all activities, as well as handing out questionnaires to past students.

Although I am extremely excited for this placement, I am also very nervous.  I will be alone in this small village away from all the other students who will also be on placement.  This means I will be on my own to figure out the language barrier, the cultural barrier and any thing else that may arise along the way.  I am also a little scared that I may get lonely, however I also cannot wait for this new adventure and everything it will bring to me.  I am excited to try new things, to learn new things and to fully emerge myself into this new and exciting culture.

Where in the world are INDEVOURS going?

Well here we go ladies and gentlemen! its official! We now all know where we are going and what we will be doing in September!
So many countries and so many adventures from all of us to come!

I can’t even start to wrap my head around the fact that I will soon be in Nepal, which is on the other side of the world. Even more… I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I will be living in the Himalayas in a small village.

Stay tuned for my next blog! I will give you guys a brief idea of where I will be living and what I will be doing there.

It’s official – our 2014 placements have been confirmed! Click on this interactive map and scroll over the red countries to see where we are going to work this September:


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Recycling matters

I read this news article today about a Don at Brock University in St Catherine’s who is trying to raise awareness on the importance of a recycling system that is accessible to all students no matter where they live on campus. He pointed out that there is only 1 recycling station for the residences and because it is far away from where many of these students live, they are not recycling. He took less then 20mins to go through the garbage bins outside of the residences and was able to fill 2 full recycling bins, and I’m not talking about the small one you put out on your curb at home, I’m talking 2 BIG recycling bins. I think thats evidence enough that there should be better recycling systems in place that is accessible to all students no matter what residence they live in!

The problem though, is that after posting this video, the Don got in trouble for it and was told by 2 managers at the residence that the video has led to insubordination and that they are “pissed off” at him for making it.

I believe that rather then getting mad at this young student who is doing exactly what you are suppose to do in university, which is learn and find ways to impact the world we live in, they should be praising him and using this opportunity to change residence recycling for the better. As a don at the University of Waterloo I know the importance of being a positive influence on my students and as a University student I know the importance of voicing my opinion and trying to fight for a better future.

Please take the time and watch the video and let me know what you think of this situation by commenting your thoughts below.

How many slaves work for you?

How many slaves work for you?

So this is a big eye opener!!! Its a quick quiz and it really makes you think about where the stuff you are buying is coming from and how it is being made and getting to you.  Although we all already know that most of our items are not ethically sourced, when I started this quiz I thought to myself “I bet my number will be low!”… sadly I have 58 Slaves working for me… how many do you have?